have an inspirational and warm 2017

Architecture, Interior Design, Photographer, Dennis De Smet
The Store Multibrand store twiggy has been a strong asset in the Ghent fashion scene since its birth in 1974. The outspoken sense of aesthetics, a dedicated and professional team and the relocation to the beautiful 'house of twiggy' in 2011, have contributed to the shop's status as a beacon in the Belgian fashion landscape. twiggy thrives to help men and women to assemble a surprising and long lasting outfit. The twiggy team prides itself to be highly client-focused and strongly believes in these key values; stylish creativity, helpfulness, openness and professionalism. Since 2016, we offer an even more personal shopping experience. Customers can make an appointment with the stylist of their choice to find the perfect outfit, whenever it suits their planning. Our selection of clothes, for both h...

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The Coffeecorner at twiggy, we love life. and we love coffee maybe even more! for that, and for your pleasure, we now have a in-house coffee corner! we wanted to create a relaxing place for a quick pit-stop while shopping, a place where you can have a drink while your partner is being dressed by our expert stylists. we wanted to take you a little bit deeper into our twiggy world. we wanted a place where we could show you all the things we love, the things that inspire us. as with all our products, we chose to offer you things of the highest quality. our barista makes coffee from OR coffeeroasters on a laMarzocco espressomachine and serves it to you in beautiful HASAMI porcelain. A Weltevree wood stove keeps our guests warm while they're reading one of the art books. enough coffee for the day? have on...

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