out of love for personal service and styling, we have always done things a bit differently. we replaced a shop by a house, replaced sales people by inspiring visual artists, replaced big names collections by unique pieces with big talents, replaced trends by taste, clients by friends, shopping by inspiring, a certain style by a unique style, buying clothes by feeding your soul and give that soul something nice to drink in our coffee bar while we’re at it. as we’ve always wanted clients to feel at home, we started styling homes as well as the inhabitants. that’s why we are what we are today. and even if we’re about to replace today by tomorrow, we’ll always be twiggy.

never confuse personal shopping with shopping for personality. at twiggy, the people accompanying you are not sales people. they are visual artists who will shamelessly undress you with their eyes and conversation, to figure out who you are, what you’re made of, and if you’re hiding something you shouldn’t. then they’ll dress you again. not in the fashion of the day, but with unique pieces from unique designers, or the carefully selected items from big designers. we like to think we’re just adding a bit of style to your substance, and a touch of twiggy.

in order to find the perfect outfit with the help of your favourite twiggy stylist, you can schedule an appointment at the moment that suits you the best. contact us via hello@twiggy.be to plan your shopping moment

our stylists are here for you:

Barbara only by appointment  *  Sofie on monday, thursday, friday and saturday  *  Fauve on tuesday, thursday, friday and saturday  *  Herlinde on tuesday, thursday and saturday   *  Katlijn on monday, tuesday, friday and saturday *

see you soon

kiss, the twiggy’s   ☼