Dear twiggy-lovers,


After studying History of Art, i decided temporarily to help my mother in her store.
25 years passed and we are still spotting new talents, we keep on re-thinking how a shop should look like, how can we make a difference online? Always questioning the role we want to play within ourselves, the company and the world.


Having a store has quite overwhelmed our lives. We‘ve been through many evolutions (and revolutions!)  we have survived three refurbishments and we are still busy renovating, adding a backyard annexe and a rooftop to the house. We have started and stopped a men’s department. We have been travelling around the world showcasing labels that you won’t find elsewhere. We are now rolling out our fourth webshop. By trial and error, the twiggy story is an endless creative journey…


After four decades, we still love the notion of serendipity and surprise in fashion. 
We have always been attracted to a comfortable style where space and movement can meet. A style that starts from the needs of our clients. 


Clothes as a perfectly proportioned house in which we live, clothes as an essential refuge, a second skin. 


Working for twiggy is a life ‘s achievement. Managing a shop gave self confidence and reflection. We found connections with other disciplines as graphic design, architecture, visual merchandising and textiles. So many warm hearted and open minded people have been crossing our path through our store. My left and right hands Sofie, Katlijn and Fauve are little stars! Also a big thank you to Jo Taillieu for building my own nest and the foundations of the twiggy house. My mother and sissy, my partner in crime and kids for bearing all my doubts and helping us to build this mirrorpalace full of beauty.