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twiggy x omarcity



twiggy is launching an exclusive collection of colombian tucurinca furniture in collaboration
with the antwerp-based sustainable design platform omarcity.


the result is a true eye-catcher and a natural translation of the language that twiggy has made her own
over the years: a candid style that combines a love of colour with a passion for weaving - in both clothing
and textiles and in creative disciplines beyond.


the twiggy collection is indeed designed to catch your eyes, as well as your spirit. in primary colours,
executed in a bold stitch we call the 'twiggy weave', we bring out a personal story. literally: visitors
and passers-by can discover and use our outdoor collection on the sunny square in front of our shop.
the colourful furniture forms a vibrant tension field with the majestic house of twiggy façade and
invites spontaneous encounters.


as such, the twiggy collection is a tribute to colour and craftsmanship - and to the hot, lazy summer
days we relish so much. we invite you to discover our collection and join us in celebrating the creativity
and skill that twiggy is home to, today more than ever. 


designed for and brought to you, by yours truly
      x omarcity
      x tucurinca




buy online here,
or meet the twiggy x omarcity collection instore.





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